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Product Image Item Name- Price
BT Converse 1100 Handset White

Refurbished BT Converse 1100 Handset Wh...

BT Converse 120 White


Sold Out
BT Converse 125 White - New

Features: Visual ring indicatorLast num...

Sold Out
BT Converse 1300 Handset Silver Grey

The BT Converse 1300 is fully PBX worki...

Sold Out
BT Converse 2025 Handset Black

The refurbished BT Converse 2025 2-line...

Sold Out
BT Converse 2100 White Refurbished

Main Features 3 quick dial memories 3 r...

BT Converse 220 Black

Refurbished BT Converse 220. The Conver...

Sold Out
BT Converse 220 Handset White

Refurbished BT Converse 220. The Conver...

Sold Out
BT Converse 2200 White Refurbished

The BT Converse 2200 comes with a lot o...

BT Converse 320 Handset White

New BT Converse 320 Handset with the fo...

Sold Out

New Products For July - BT

LG GDK-162 (QSIG) Card - New

New LG GDK-162 (QSIG) Card....

LG GDK-100 (QSIG) Card - New

New LG GDK-100 (QSIG) Card...


New LG GDK-FPII (QSIG) Card....

LG Ldk-300 VoIU / V100 VoIP

Fully refurbished LDK-300 VoIU / V100 V...

LG GDK-100 MPB Main Processor Board

Refurbished LG GDK-100 MPB Card - S3023...

LG GDK-100 SMEMU Security Memory Expansion Card

Refurbished GDK-100 SMEMU Card...

LG GDK-34/36 MODU Card

Fully refurboshed LG GDK-34/36 MODU Car...

LG GDK-34/36 DTRU Card

Refurbished GDK-34/36 DTMF Receiver Uni...

LG GDK-100 MSGU Card

Fully refurbished LG GDK-100 MSGU Card ...

Featured Products - BT

Mitel Millennium 410 Phone Light Grey

Refubished Millennium M410 phone A digi...

Mitel 5340 IP Phone

Refurbished Mitel 5340 IP Telephone. De...

£115.00  £95.00
Save: 17% off
Avaya 1608i IP Telephone

Refurbished Avaya 1608i IP Telephone Th...

BT Quantum 8568 Digital Telephone

Refurbished BT Quantum 8568 Digital Tel...

£65.00  £55.00
Save: 15% off
Panasonic KX-T7730 Digital Telephone White

Refurbished Panasonic KX-T7730 Telephon...

Cisco 7960G IP Telephone

Refurbished Cisco 7960G IP Telephone. F...

£50.00  £30.00
Save: 40% off
Ericsson DBY 409 Add on Module White

Refurbished Ericsson DBY 409 17 Key Add...

Ericsson MD110 ELU 28 Card

Refurbished Ericsson MD110 ELU 28 Card...

Samsung Euro DCS Enhanced 6B Keyset

Refurbished Samsung Euro DCS Enhanced 6...


Monthly Specials For July

Siemens Optiset E Basic

The Siemens Optiset E Basic Phone for t...

£25.00  £20.00
Save: 20% off
Siemens Realitis DT Model 60

Refurbished Model 60 (DT 60) handset Th...

£70.00  £62.50
Save: 11% off
Toshiba DKT2010F-SD Telephone White

The DKT2010F-SD is a 10 key telephone w...

£58.00  £45.00
Save: 22% off
Avaya INDeX AL-0-24


£225.00  £100.00
Save: 56% off
Avaya INDeX CPUV200-9.0

Refurbished We can provide a normal CPU...

£550.00  £300.00
Save: 45% off
Avaya INDeX CPUV400-9.0

We can provide a normal CPU for the pri...

£575.00  £320.00
Save: 44% off

The third version INDeX CPU cassette su...

£750.00  £400.00
Save: 47% off
Avaya INDeX CSLC-8

Cordless Subscriber Line Card supportin...

£375.00  £150.00
Save: 60% off
Nortel i2002 IP Telephone Black Silver Bezel

Refurbished Nortel i2002 IP Telephone. ...

£55.00  £35.00
Save: 36% off