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Product Image Item Name- Price
Siemens DM24 Digital Multiline

Refurbished Siemens DM24 Digital Multil...

Sold Out
Siemens DM25 Digital Multiline Phone White

Refurbished Multiline DM25 Handset Whit...

Sold Out
Siemens MULTILINE 16 E Phone

Refurbished Siemens MULTILINE 16 E Phon...

Sold Out
Siemens MULTILINE 8 Phone

Refurbished MULTILINE 8 Terminal White...

Siemens Realitis DT Model 50

Refurbished Model 50 (DT 50) handset No...

Siemens Realitis DT Model 60

Refurbished Model 60 (DT 60) handset Th...

Siemens Realitis DT Model 70

Refurbished Model 70 (DT 70) handset Th...


New Products For April - Siemens

Nortel Meridian NT5K02QC FALC Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NT5K02QC FA...

Nortel Meridian NT8D02GA Digital LC Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NT8D02GA Di...

Nortel Meridian NTDK97AD MSC Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NTDK97AD MS...

Nortel Meridian 2MB PRI Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian 2MB PRI Car...

Nortel Meridian 48 Port Digital Line Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian 48 Port Dig...

Nortel Meridian NT4N65ACE5 Interface Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NT4N65ACE5 ...

Nortel Meridian NT5D30AA DIGS Card (DIGS)

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NT5D30AA DI...

Nortel Meridian NT5K18AB Analogue Trunk Line Card

Refurbished Nortel Meridian NT5K18AB An...

Featured Products - Siemens

Mitel 5320 IP Phone

The 5320 IP Telephone is an economical,...

Mitel 5550 IP Console Refurbished

Refurbished Mitel 5550 IP Console Inclu...

Avaya 3549GTS-PWR 48 Port Switch - Refurbished

The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3549G...

HP 2620-48-PoE+ J9627A Switch - Refurbished

HP 2620-48-PoE+ J9627A Switch - Refurbi...

Mitel 5624 Wifi Phone New

Mitel 5624 Wifi Phone Brand New 5130121...

HP J9625A 2620-24 POE+ Switch - Refurbished

HP J9625A 2620-24 POE+ Switch - Refurbi...

Jabra Pro 920 Headset Kit Brand New

Upto 120 metres office range which incr...

Plantronics CS540 Headset Kit New

Plantronics CS540 Headset Kit New Hands...

Avaya 1608i IP Telephone Brand New

Brand New Avaya 1608i IP Telephone The ...

Upcoming Products
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Avaya 3549GTS-PWR 48 Port Switch - Brand New 08/01/2018